Wristwatches that are resistant to water penetration up to the specified depth are referred to as "water resistant". "Water protected" means that the watch is resistant to splashing water or everyday (hand) washing only. The DIN standard 8310 regulates whether a watch is considered "water resistant" or not. The criteria are typographic tests.  If a watch can withstand a pressure of 200 meters deep, this means to 20 bar or 20 ATM. The watch can be classified as a diver's watch, and you can dive with it safely. Watches with 10 ATM, however, should be used only for swimming and snorkeling, while watches with 5 ATM are only considered "water-protected", whereby they are protected against splashing water and can be worn while bathing. If a clock is only awarded 3 ATM, it should be limited to splashing water only.  To view our essential guide about water resistance: https://www.davosa-usa.com/blogs/story-time/diver-watch?_pos=4&_sid=da756d5a7&_ss=r


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October 25, 2022 — Davosa Editor

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