Once upon a time, owning a watch was a must-have necessity, as a watch would distinguish its wearer. Today, we're surrounded by devices that accurately and reliably measure time, so, many people argue if there's still a need to wear a wristwatch to do so - and our answer is yes.
Or rather, six times yes.

There are at least six reasons why timepieces are still relevant, especially because watches are something that goes beyond their simple function of telling us what time it is: they are so much more because they express the tangible result of over five hundred years of human creativity and inventiveness.

why to wear a watch

1 - Finding your position at the center of time

Since the beginning of the world, there is something that man has never been able to dominate, and that is time. And precisely for this reason, man has wanted to harness it and measure it as precisely as possible in order to have the illusion of having control over it.

Watches are born from this urge: before being scientific instruments or beautiful style accessories, they were made to respond to this fundamental need, that of being real "time-markers," precious and silent witnesses of how we pass through life and how life spins around us. So a watch is not just about telling time, but about maintaining a relationship with time. Timepieces do this very conveniently. Certainly better than using sundials or observing shadow lengths.


2 - A watch always works, despite everything

If you are a person who doesn't live in a cave away from everyone, knowing the time can be important for your social interactions. Or even if that doesn't happen, and you are, in fact living in a cave, a timepiece becomes valuable when you can't reach the rest of civilization. Think about the next zombie apocalypse: while your friends with their smartwatches remain unconnected and lost, you'll be able to accurately measure how quickly your friends turn into meat-eating monsters once they are bitten.

But even if that doesn't happen, a watch represents security. Power-wise, Timepieces are way more trusty and reliable as well than any internet-based gizmo. An automatic watch runs almost throughout since it derives its power from the wearer. A battery-powered watch can function for years before a replacement is needed. If you visit a remote place and your phone runs out of juice, however, you'll find yourself in a fix. Unless you have a solar-poered watch, that is.

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3 - The watch was born as a style accessory

Although many claim otherwise, historically, watches were born with this purpose. The first watches were decorated and embellished with engravings, precious stones, and unique artistry to make them beautiful, as well as useful - and this character of exclusivity has been passed down through the generations, as their precision increased, transforming them from an expensive toy (for a long time, watches didn't even have a minute hand) to an authentic timepiece, and yet, maintaining this unique and distinctive style - that you can express in any way you like, as wearing two watches or wearing a watch upside down.

There's no better way for a person to display their sense of fashion than by wearing a watch. Men's wedding bands are required to be as plain and straightforward as possible. Suits and cufflinks can be pretty similar from one man to the next. Black leather shoes are the office standard. But a quality watch is unique to the wearer. It is their signature style. Your chance to show what kind of a person you are.


4 - A watch is a wonderful invention

The first watches were born around 1500, and since then, the technology that accompanied them has grown, developing to make them increasingly accurate and innovative. And even today, we are still amazed at how human ingenuity, using only metal elements and springs, could create a small machine so precise that it could measure time. And that's not all: watches have been fundamental to human exploration through navigation, which would not have been possible without them.

Watches embody ingenuity and creativity. They have been used since before there was electricity to date. And still today, despite the existence of other instruments, the creation of a handcrafted watch is carried out in some cases as in the past, with dedication and passion, on machine tools hundreds of years old, following the teachings of an ancient science passed down almost orally. Some watches showcase fantastic tech that is not mass-produced in factories but crafted by hand. Each design is a human story.
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5 - A watch carries history with it

One of Patek Philippe's most famous slogans, which expresses this concept very well, is "You never own a Patek Philippe. You take care of it for the next generation."

And this is true, and it explains what a feeling it is to have a watch passed from father to son: a real rite that has its own sacredness, like an investiture, a handover that symbolizes the entrance into adulthood.

Watches make for fantastic heirlooms. A man can wear his late grandfather's 1920s watch and be able to feel his presence every day. A few years later, he can pass it to his own son. Not many other devices have the same kind of feel as heirlooms. If you don't believe it, try doing this with your iPhone.


6 - A watch expresses elegance and determination

Wearing a watch is way classier than having to fish your phone out of the pocket all the time. Then putting the screen on. Then adjusting the brightness setting if it's outside in the daytime. Then noticing some new social media notifications and emails and getting roped into the vicious cycle of commenting, tweeting, poking, and liking.

When checking the time on a wristwatch, there are no distractions. It's one simple glance at your wrist you're up to date. It's healthier for both the mind and body. Plus, it's about maturity. Let the boys keep groping around for their smartphones and be overwhelmed by the minutiae of digital life. Instead, get a watch that complements your fashion and be a man - or a woman - of character. You can be wearing one watch, or wearing two watches: this is going to be your style choice, an no-one will have the right to dispute it.
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To conclude

We could add a thousand other reasons, but we'll conclude with just one note: if you ask watch lovers to motivate their passion about building a watch collection of their liking, they are unlikely to succeed. But of one thing we are sure: they will be a person with a good relationship with themselves.

Precisely because the relationship with one's watches is an intimate and personal one, which becomes an expression of the well-being one feels when one looks at one's wrist and finds a timepiece that one likes, and that, above all, makes you feel good about yourself.

And this perhaps represents the real secret for which watches were invented: small wrist jewels that allow us to find, tucked inside their cases and their complicated and perfect movements, a relationship with what makes us feel good.


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