The story of the Argonautic, one of Davosa's most popular models, is enriched with the launch of the fourth generation, which offers watch enthusiasts many small but significant elements that are sure to entice fans of the brand, and attract watch lovers who understand what horological quality is.

Unlike some other Maisons, we at Davosa like to introduce substantial novelties in our watches. Something that when our buyers see, they first go "wow" or something like that, and then they smile. Well, we like to know we can create that smile.

A different face, in day and night

Although this new edition of the Davosa Argonautic shows lots of continuity with the past, some details have been revised to make the timepieces even more beautiful and comfortable on the wrist. And innovative, as you will see.

First, you can notice the new knurling design of the bezel, now fluted, for a better grip and even easier adjustment. In addition, a discerning eye may see that the hands have been redesigned in proportion and color, with the second hand contrasting in color, and fitted with Superluminova BGW09, to give depth and legibility to the dial. In addition, the hour markers, also coated with Superluminova, now have a brushed finish.

A green model is added to the lineup

That green is the trend color of the year has not escaped anyone's notice, so the Argonautic range is enriched with a model made of this hue. The glossy green ceramic bezel contrasts nicely with the matt dial, with a striking effect that is enhanced by contrasting canary yellow details.

Beyond Steel®, a revolutionary material

A great novelty is the introduction of a unique new material, called Beyond Steel®, used for the insert applied to the bezel of some models in the Argonautic line. This revolutionary metal has incredible characteristics.

It has a density similar to gold, is as hard as diamond, and has an extremely high melting point of 3.422 °C, making it superior to any other metal or alloy on the market. For the time being, this very exclusive material is reserved for the bezel insert, and makes it more technological and luxurious, giving the entire timepiece a more industrial and assertive character - but only time, and our efforts as an innovator, will tell how this very special material will affect watchmaking.

The elements that have made Argonautic a category leader

Although several details have changed, Davosa has retained several "strong points" of this magnificent timepiece, starting with the excellent DAV 3021 caliber, based on the Sellita SW200-1 movement and the water resistance, which remains 300 meters, as well as the manual helium escape valve.

The stainless steel case also retains its 42.5mm diameter, making it wearable, sturdy and perfectly sized for most wrists. In addition, the watch is available with different straps and bracelets to suit a wide variety of uses and situations.

The new version of Argonautic BG is available from the end of July 2022; it is available for pre-sale at a launch price that watch lovers will love.

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July 31, 2022 — Davosa Editor

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