One of the most significant milestones in a person's life is graduating from college or university because it marks the end of one era and the beginning of a new one.

Just as an engagement ring has become an essential part of the engagement ceremony, a watch is a perfect item to mark a significant milestone such as graduation.

If you plan to embark on a new journey, a stylish and functional watch will be the perfect way to commemorate this achievement and keep track of time during this new journey.

A good watch can symbolize an achievement, milestone, a reminder of how hard you worked and how dedicated you were to your studies to stay on track as you make your way through life. A good watch can reflect your personality and tell people a lot about you, for example, when you enter a meeting with a dress watch or a sport watch, people get an early glimpse into you.

A good watch can survive for years, be an integral part of your life, and be part of the story you will pass on to your children and grandchildren. A good watch will accompany you all day - when you wake up early in the morning to go jogging, take a shower before an important meeting, and go to sleep after a long exciting day. It will become a personal partner, and even a part of you.

Choosing the most suitable finish watch can be difficult as there are so many options and styles in our collection which makes it a not easy decision. We'll explore some of the best graduation watches in this article to help you choose a watch that reflects your personality, complements your lifestyle, who you want to be, and celebrates your life's hard-earned achievement.

A graduation watch for the deep-sea Explorer.

Davosa makes an excellent range of diving watches. Still, suppose your fresh college or university graduate is interested in exploring the ocean's depths.
In that case, the Davosa Apnea Diver watch is the best option for you.

The first striking new feature of the DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic is the multi-colored ring around the dial. It sports the French national colors only by chance. The colors blue, white, and red replicate an internationally recognized breathing exercise in freediving: A breath is taken during the five-second blue phase, it is held for 15 seconds (white area), and then air is expelled over 10 seconds (red area).

With the help of this color code, the freediver can concentrate fully on this vital breathing exercise without needing to count or use a stopwatch. The watch comes in a particularly rugged case, with an extra strap and a tool to help you switch between the two straps, and it can even be used as a desk watch!

A graduation watch for the frequent traveler

Your new graduate is someone who's a member of at least 4-5 frequent traveler clubs from different airlines. He spends more time in lounges and duty-free stores than at home. The whole family finds it hard to track where he's right now and what's the local time. If the answer is yes, the best graduation watch for her (or him ...) will be one of our GMT watches. They feature two-toned ceramic bezels and a third hand that displays a second-time zone, which makes them perfect companions for frequent travelers.

Although we offer a wide range of diameters for our GMT watches, our recommended model will be the Ternos Ceramic 40mm GMT Black/Green. The diameter makes it a perfect unisex watch. The combination of colors makes the watch a perfect accessory that can complete and enhance any look - from a business suite for those long work meetings to some more casual dress code when you are invited to a cocktail. It will look perfect even with jeans or sports pants when you are waiting for your transatlantic flight.

A gradation watch for those in need for speed

In the 1950s and 1960s, the era of the German economic miracle and Woodstock, the car was the epitome of individual freedom – a potent symbol of new beginnings, adventure, and financial prosperity. The Newton Speedometer Automatic is dedicated to this glorious era. Gone are the classic watch hands and date displays that you expect to see. Instead, the Swiss watch manufacturer has created a dial that might have come from the cockpit of a legendary sportscar – without any gimmickry. Characterized by subtle elegance, its clarity, and timelessness draws all eyes. Like their automotive colleagues in the 1950s and 1960s, the developers at DAVOSA have brought particular creativity to the dial design for the Newton Speedometer.

On the lowest level, the hour hand has been replaced by a rotating disc that shows the hour in a window set in the upper third of the next dial level by means of a sleek red arrow. An index scale shows the minutes, which the only conventional watch hand circles from the center with great aplomb. The outer frame is formed by a third level which, in place of conventional hour markers, repeats the minute scale in increments of five in a classic, unfussy font. At the center, a permanent seconds display rotates discreetly in the form of a matt silver disc accented with a red line. If your fresh graduate spent more time reading about engines, cylinders, and the new records on Daytona or Formula 1 tracks, and you don't want to buy him a new Mustang or Corvette, then the Newton Speedometer will be the perfect fit for his lifestyle and passion, and we can tell you that this is one of our best "conversation pieces", so get ready to get plenty of questions about this watch!


A Graduation watch for the Explorer

Your upcoming graduate is someone who likes to explore different cultures and countries? Someone who likes to discover new places and experiences? We're happy to introduce you to our North Pole Limited edition watch, the perfect companion for your new Explorer! This classic watch comes with a clean look, with a black dial with Arabic numerals and three hands design.

No-date window to keep him or her distracted about nonsense such as important dates or days spent in his or her adventure, with a nylon strap that will be perfect for any climate - from the heat of the Sahara desert to the snow of Greenland or Antarctica or the humidity in the Jungles of Brazil. You know what? When we think about it again, it can also be a perfect fit for the time he or she will spend on the beaches of Thailand ... Although it's a 42mm watch, which makes him "non-unisex" by definition, who said women couldn't wear this size of a watch?

A graduation gift for an environment activist

If your recent college graduate spent more time during his college years trying to better our world than improving his grade point average, then the Argonautic Coral 43mm Limited Edition may be the perfect graduation gift for him. These watches are available in orange or turquoise dials. And they are part of our Argonautic series, which means they are rugged and water-resistant up to 1000 feet in 43mm or 39mm.

But what makes those watches so unique is the fact that By purchasing the Argonautic Coral Limited Edition, you support the non-governmental organization Coral Guardian, which specializes internationally in the preservation and rebuilding of endangered underwater ecosystems through the reintroduction of corals. The team working with biologist and co-founder Martin Colognoli operates on location with local structures to restore corals and also educates local populations about this significant issue.

A graduation gift for those who like to be Unique

If your new graduate is about being unique and extraordinary, they will find a perfect match with our Ternos Sixties Golden SeaHorse Special US edition. This watch comes in a 40mm stainless steel case, which makes him an ideal fit for almost any wrist size. With its beautiful combination of black-gold and red colors, with some vintage touches, we are pretty sure it will be an ideal companion for any style and look, and a watch that will easily upgrade any look you put on. And with only 100 units available worldwide, owning one of these watches means you will be a truly unique person, a member of a special club with no more than 100 members!

And if they are not into the black-gold-red combination, how about our Faded-Blue Seahorse Special US Edition? This watch features a gradient dial combining blue and black, giving it a more classic look. This watch also comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces, so the chances of meeting another person with this watch are close to zero.

A Graduation gift for the West Point graduate

If your graduate finished west point military academy and he's about to make some important and meaningful army service for America, he might find our Trialmaster automatic watch the missing part that will complete the look of his uniform. Whether it's daylight or nighttime, this watch's unique deep secured dial, large Arabic numbers, and large crown make it easy to read and use. with its bright colors and highly comfortable strap for dry and wet conditions;

this watch will be a perfect accessory that will remind your new officer that it's a good time to call home and say hi. A Graduation Watch on the budget You're already worried about covering all your student debts and don't want to add another debt to your account? No problem. With our Vintage Diver Quartz Red-Blue Pepsi watch, you can enjoy a watch that ticks all the boxes for - Vintage, Diver, GMT, and, most important - truly affordable watch, with its $449 price tag, a price tag that many times confuses us and makes us think its a typo ...


Can't decide?

Don't worry! We will gladly assist you and help you find the perfect watch for your new graduate. Send us a message with your budget and describe what they like and what type of person they are, and we will be glad to get back to you with a few recommendations for the perfect gift.

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