Davosa has established a reputation as a manufacturer of superb diving watches with exceptional value for money. The Ternos Collection and the Argonautic Collection, both with a sizable number of models, are two of the most popular and well known diving watches that Davosa offers. But, there’s one Diving watches collection that is often overlooked, and probably only devoted Davosa collectors and fans know about - The Apnea Collection. It's time to learn more about this fascinating collection with us.

Davosa Apnea Diver Watch

The multi-colored ring around the dial is the first eye-catching feature of the DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic. It only has the French national colors by chance. In reality, the colors blue, white, and red mimic a widely recognized freediving breathing exercise: 

The breathing ring on the DAVOSA Apnea diver is a helpful tool for freedivers who are practicing their apnea breathing technique. The ring is divided into three sections: blue, white, and red. The blue section represents the 5 seconds that a freediver should inhale, the white section represents the 15 seconds that they should hold their breath, and the red section represents the 10 seconds that they should exhale.

Diving Breathing Ring

To use the breathing ring, simply start your apnea breath at the 5-second mark on the blue section. When you reach the end of the blue section, hold your breath until you reach the end of the white section. Then, exhale until you reach the end of the red section. This is one complete apnea breath.

The breathing ring can be a helpful tool for freedivers who are trying to improve their apnea technique. It can help them to stay focused on their breathing and to track their progress over time.

Here are some tips for using the breathing ring:

  • Start with a short apnea breath, such as 5 seconds inhale, 15 seconds hold, and 10 seconds exhale.
  • As you get more comfortable, you can gradually increase the length of your apnea breaths.
  • Be sure to breathe slowly and evenly throughout the apnea breath.
  • If you start to feel lightheaded, stop the apnea breath immediately.

The breathing ring is a great way to improve your apnea technique and to safely extend your breath-hold time. With practice, you can use the breathing ring to reach new depths and stay underwater for longer periods of time.

For these breathing exercises, the watch must be held upright - preferably without the need for artificial support. 


The DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic is a watertight professional freediving equipment that provides the ideal solution. The middle piece of a slightly curved 42 mm stainless steel case can be detached by unscrewing the crown at 3 o'clock. The diver can now safely raise the remaining watch case while completing breathing exercises thanks to a movable ring attached to the center part.

The Desktop Mode of the watch

Actually, it means that the Apnea Diver can be used as a desktop clock for those moments when you're sitting and want to rest your wrist while still knowing the time with a glance of the eye. 

Davosa Apnea - The Technical Specs: 

The Apnea Diver has a satined all stainless steel case that is 46mm in diameter and 12.5mm in height. The case measures 53mm in length and 22mm in width, and the watch weighs 130 grams. 

46mm Diving Watch

The watch has a black dial with white arabic indices that are filled with SuperLumiNova® C1 for increased reading in low-light circumstances. The bezel is a high-tech ceramic bezel, unidirectional turning. 

Black PVD Case

Davosa is offering another two versions of the watch, one with a full PVD black plated case, and the third model comes with a stainless steel case, but with a PVD black plated crowns.

Stainless Steel Case with Black PVD Crowns


All three models are offered with a black rubber strap. An additional rubber strap is delivered with every watch. The black PVD watches get a red rubber strap, while the stainless steel watches get a blue rubber strap.

 Red Rubber Strap

Nik Linder

Davosa has created this watch in cooperation with Nik Linder. Nik Linder is a well-known freediver and diver trainer from Germany. He holds several records in freediving and is recognized for his skills in both pool and open water disciplines.

Nik Linder Photo with the Apnea Diver

Linder has contributed to the development and popularization of freediving through his training programs and his role as an ambassador for several diving and marine conservation organizations.

Davosa is sending the watch in a black plastic waterproof box. The box contains the watch, an additional rubber strap, and a tool for easy strap replacement. Inside the box's upper section is a signed photograph of Nik Linder wearing the Apnea Diver and performing the Apnea Breathing Exercise. 

Nik Linder Signature

Besides the Photo, you can find Nik Linder signature on the caseback of the watches, where Davosa engraved it.  

The Bottom Line:

DAV 3021 is an automatic Swiss movement that beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 38 hours. DAV 3021 reads hours, minutes, and seconds and includes a stop seconds mechanism and quick date correction. 

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind diver's watch that will stand out and serve you well whether you're diving in a pool or doing genuine free dives someplace in the ocean, the Apnea Diver should be on your radar. Although we may sound biased, we believe that looking at this watch and understanding how the diving breathing ring works speaks for itself. 

June 23, 2023 — Ron M

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