Poets say the best and worst thing about being in love is that it can’t be put into words. This is why gift-giving is one of the best ways of showing not only your love but also your generosity and personality.

So this Valentine’s, we can expect to see the usual - champagne gift baskets, chocolates, and rose flowers. These are all items that are synonymous with love and are certain to bring a smile to your loved one especially on that special day.

But what if you want to give them something a little more subtle, more... timeless? Something more enduring - just like your love for them?   

You don’t have to skip the roses and chocolate - Valentine’s wouldn’t be a day without those. But here’s why a watch should be at the top of your Valentine’s gift list this year.

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#1. A Watch Is the Ultimate Heirloom

Quality watches feature a quality build with good materials and are therefore very long-lasting. That means they are the perfect gift that you can give someone to use and remember you by for a long time.

That person can also hand it down to another loved one when the time comes, making it a sweet intergenerational gift. “Hey daughter! Your mother gave me this beautiful watch on Valentine’s day in 2019. I want you to give it to your lovely husband.” What a heartwarming story that would be!

unisex watch

#2. A Watch Is Everyday Jewelry

When giving a durable Valentine’s gift, you don’t want it to be something that can be quickly stashed away and easily forgotten. Let it be something that your loved one will be able to use or at least see on most if not all days of their lives.

A watch is perfect for that purpose.

If your loved one is a man, then a watch gift is an even more fantastic choice. Men don’t have a broad range of choices when it comes to jewelry, which means watches are practically omnipresent on their wrists. If you get him a really nice one then he might get to wear it everyday. And every time he wears it, he’ll have no choice but to think of you!

#3. A Watch Is Symbolic

Watches - especially mechanical watches - represent time. On Valentine’s day, a watch gift can be used to both commemorate the time you have spent together with your loved one and also show your commitment towards spending even more time with them.

Additionally, a quality watch epitomizes luxury. Such a lavish gift lets your loved one know how esteemed, precious and irreplaceable they are to you.

Many years have gone by since The Beatles serenaded us with Love Is All You Need but nothing about that sentiment has changed. In conclusion, if you want to make a really special gift for your beau this Valentine’s, ensure you take your time.

unisex watch

There are many other reasons that makes the watch a special gift for you.
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February 03, 2019 — GYRAX LTD

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