Ternos Ceramic Automatic 200m Blue Diving Watch 16155540


Diving takes you into previously undiscovered spheres and into some of the last unchartered waters of the earth. Whether as a hobby or calling, it is a sport that demands resilience, good condition, strong nerves and a love of adventure on the part of the diver. One of the basic requirements of diving is to minimize the risks as much as possible, which is why good equipment is essential. This is where a watch that can resist extremes of water pressure and on which you can count in any situation comes into play: properties that are united in the Ternos series.

The best way to measure your wrist size is not to measure it at all – and we’re explaining to you why.
Wrists and arms come in many shapes and structures, from thin to large, from flat to round, so the key to check if the watch fits is to determine how it suits your arm.
To calculate it, rest your arm on a flat surface like your desktop, without pressing down, and measure your wrist size end-to-end with a caliper. That’s the recommended maximum size of the watch, calculated on the full extension of the lugs (not the case diameter). Anything more is too much: it would seem like you’re wearing your big brother’s watch. Anything less is instead acceptable: remember that man’s dress watch size in the Fifties was around 32 mm (so, a smaller vintage watch would fit a larger wrist without looking lost). The perfect fit is when the ends of the lugs touch the silhouette of your wrist.
While in the Noughties watch size increased absurdly, reaching almost unwearable dimensions over 50 mm, the primary trend of the industry is to return to a smaller scale: the last launches of the major Maisons were around 41 mm, which usually optically “fills” the majority of wrists.

  • “How deep can a diver watch go?”

Most of the watches usually show on their dials or their backs an indication like “XX meters water-resistant.”
The cardinal rule is that this is true, but only under specific conditions.
This measurement refers to the pressure that the sealing gaskets of the watch can withstand if subject to a static position. This means that if you attach a 30-meter water-resistant watch to a wire and slowly uncoil it, the watch could resist the water pressure that happens at a depth of 30 meters – that is, 3 bar.

However, it does not take into consideration the dynamic pressure that a watch is subject to. For example, the simple pressure of the water from your bathroom faucet is around 3 bar, and the pressure from your shower head reaches 4.5 bar.
A swimmer who swims freestyle submits his watch to a pressure of around 5 bar.
So, if you want to buy a watch, please remember that the minimum water resistance to be used around water safely is 100 meters (10 bar). If you plan to do apnea skin-diving, it is advised a water-resistance of 150 meters. If you plan to do recreational diving, 200 meters are better. And finally, if you are a pro diver, consider professional diver watches with a water resistance of 300 meters or more and a helium escape valve.

  • “How to use a diver watch bezel?”

The rotating diver watch bezel was designed to help divers check how much time they can pass underwater.
Its function is simple: before the diver starts his dive, he aligns the 12 o’clock bezel marker with the minute hand to visually show the descent’s elapsed time to be read on the bezel (up to 60 minutes). Consider that most dives take less than 50 minutes: as every descent is carefully planned before, a diver knows how much autonomy he has, including the mandatory decompression stops.
Coupled with the unidirectional construction of the bezel, this ensures that your watch would not display an incorrect measurement, making the stay underwater more than the time allowed by the air in your tanks.
Most diver watches bezels show a highlighted zone on the first 15 to 20 minutes on the bezel inlay: this is the moment when divers usually start their return to the airworld.
Some older watches’ bezels report different indications: divers used them to calculate decompression stops on the fly.
Today, they represent more a legacy to the old times of scuba diving than a necessity, as diving computers have replaced watches. Still, a professional diver’s watch is a mandatory backup for a diving computer – and it looks much nicer on the wrist when you relax at the bar with your friends after your dive.

Sizing & Fit

Width: 40mm
Thickness: 12.5mm
Weight: 176g
Lug Width: 46mm
Length[Lug to Lug]: 47.9mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sergio guzman (Valencia, US)
Well made

Very happy with purchase....wear it always
..great value for the money...thank you

Stephen Kane (Berkeley, US)
Beautiful & Functional

My Ternos keeps almost perfect time varying from my GMT setting by just 2 to 3 seconds per day. The contrasting white hour, minute and second hands make it easy to read against the rich, dark blue background. This watch is a thing of beauty rivaling my Rolex Explorer. It is a watch I will treasure for years to come.

Bill Christen (DeLand, US)
Great watch!

I have owned high dollar Swiss watches, (Rolex and Tag), and the quality of this watch is fantastic. It really compares well with much more expensive timepieces. I've had this Ternos for over a year, and I wear it every day. It keeps great time. The ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal are superb. I've worn it in water and other outdoor activities and it has held up very well.

I just ordered the blue rubber strap, and I look forward to seeing how it looks on the watch. Overall I am very impressed with Davosa. I will be buying more of their watches.

Mark K (Saint Johns, US)
Perfect shade of blue.

I was looking for a 40mm diver with a blue dial and bezel that wasn't "smurf" blue. The options were extremely limited. Having heard good things about Davosa, I decided on the Ternos. Before I get to the watch, I did want to say that customer service at Davosa exceeded every expectation I ever had in dealing with a watch company. They were absolutely outstanding!

Now to the watch, both the bezel and the dial are a deeper navy blue with the dial just slightly darker. Overall a beautiful look and exactly what I was looking for. The watch itself is well finished with highly polished sides and brushed lugs. Overall fit and finish are superb. The bezel action is smooth with a very reassuring feel. The accuracy is currently outstanding at -1 per day. The bracelet is well machined with solid end links and fairly tight tolerances. The links are retained with screws and everything is robust. The clasp is a typical folding clasp type affair with the Davosa signature. There is a small diver's extension and four holes for adjustment.

I think this is an outstanding watch and will not hesitate to buy other watches from Davosa. That said, would I change anything? The answer is yes. If I had my wish, I would put a larger lume pip on the bezel. The current pip is tiny, I mean really tiny (about 1mm in diameter). I think a slightly larger pip would balance well with the size of the numbers on the bezel. The other thing I would change is the clasp. With all of the glide-lock type clasps available out there, use of a folding clasp is just hard for me to understand. These are just small issues and by no means detract from the overall value of the watch just as it is.

I am actually quite blown away by what Davosa delivers both in terms of products and customer service.

Kent Schallenberger (Show Low, US)
Incredible Price?Value!

I recently my new Devosa Ternos, and, to say the very least, I am extremely pleased, indeed! I have owned a Rolex Submariner and Tag Heuer Automatic for many years and I believe this timepiece is as good or better than either, especially when you consider the price. The Davosa Ternos is keeping better time than my Submariner or Tag, and I believe over time that will continue to be the case. I truly wish I had learned about Davosa long before now.

In addition to flawless packaging form the factory, when I registered my watch on the Davosa website, I received a prompt and personal reply from Emily confirming the registration and providing my warranty number. I wrote back to thank her and received yet another reply thanking me again for purchasing the timepiece and offering her ongoing assistance. That is what I call 5 Star service!!

My thanks again to the Davosa Team!



The coloured inlay of the bezel is made of high-tech ceramic and is extremely scratch-resistant with a hardness (according to Vickers) of 1250 HV. It is also heat- and corrosion-resistant and has a fine feel thanks to its high-gloss polish.



The SuperLumiNova® BGW9 luminous material ensures outstanding luminosity. In natural light, the best luminous material currently available is white; in the dark, it glows in a clear blue shade.



316L stainless steel fulfils the highest demands: it is very hard, resistant and therefore the ideal material for watch cases and bracelets. Surgical steel has its origins in medicine, where it is the material of choice. Thanks to its high durability, corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic and anti-allergenic properties, it has become indispensable in the world of watches.


DAV 3021

automatic winding | bidirectional winding ball bearing rotor, quick date correction, second stop device, Ø 25.6 mm, H 4.6 mm, 25/26 jewels, 28.800 A/h | power reserve 41h | hours, minutes, central second, date