• How many watches do you own?

  • How many of them are Davosa Swiss watches?
    Four (It’s extremely rare that I wear a watch that isn’t a Davosa)

  • What made you choose your first Davosa Swiss watch?
    After lots of research I found Davosa receiving constant praise on their build quality. Then after searching the Davosa-USA site I fell in love with the Ternos Professional TT GMT “Batman”. I added it to my cart and then saw the white Speedline and for the price I couldn’t pass it up so I bought it as well. After receiving them and seeing the build quality for the price I was instantly a life long customer.

  • What made you buy the last Davosa Swiss watch you bought?
    I’ve been wearing my Argonautic BG everyday for work. I love how overbuilt it is, easy to read, and extremely well made. When I saw the limited-edition carbon version released I knew it was even better for my needs with its rubber strap, bright dial, and overall toughness. I immediately started saving for it and am happy to have gotten one before they were sold out. I was right, it’s the perfect every day wear watch.

  • What was the best experience with Davosa-USA?
    I constantly rave about the build quality of Davosa watches and it can’t be overstated but Davosa-USA has been wonderful to me. Their communication and customer service are above reproach. I’m on the email list and missed a sale by one day, I emailed them and asked if there was any way I could still buy a watch under that sale and they gave me a new promo code so I could, even though the sale had ended. The eBay manager went out of their way to put up the limited edition Argonautic BG Carbon up so I could buy it as well.

  • Which Davosa model is your favorite and why? 
    Hands down, it’s the Argonoutic BG Carbon. For all the reasons listed above, easy to read, comfortable, tough, and well made. While it’s my favorite wear watch, I love my Ternos Professional TT GMT “Batman” the best for its appearance. It’s what I wear on special occasions. To be fair, I LOVE ALL of my Davosa watches and tell everyone I know about them.