• How many watches do you own?
    I own over 50 watches which are a combination of automatic, quartz, and mechanical.
  • How many of them are Davosa Swiss watches?
    I own 3 Davosa Ternos GMTs.

  • What made you choose your first Davosa Swiss watch?
    I really liked the Ternos homage of the Rolex Batman and did not want to spend $10K at the time on the Rolex and the Rolex looked too small on my wrist.  Turns out that the quality of the Davosa Ternos is fantastic!  My favorite Davosa!

  • What made you buy the last Davosa Swiss watch you bought?
    I liked the Batman Ternos GMT so much when I saw the Pepsi version I had to have it.  

  • What was the best experience with Davosa-USA
    I would say that it was when my Ternos GMT Black/White shipped to me, it was defective.  Davosa took care of it fairly quickly and sent me a replacement.  So, it was a good customer service experience.  

  • Which Davosa model is your favorite and why?
    My Ternos GMT Batman.  It was my first Davosa and will always be my favorite.