• How many watches do you own?
    I own about 75 watches currently.

  • How many Davosa Swiss watches do you own?
    7 are Davosa.

  • What made you choose your first Davosa Swiss watch?
    The first was purchased as it was a good looking homage to a Rolex for a fraction of the price.

  • What made you buy the last Davosa Swiss watch you bought?
    The last was also as above. Especially since Rolex has gotten ridiculous to obtain and even getting way over retail for watches over 20 years old.

  • What was the best experience with Davosa-USA?
    All of my experiences with Davosa have been positive and you have been helpful and courteous.

  • Which Davosa model is your favorite and why?
    My favorite is the deep blue submariner model especially on nato strap. Next is white dial ternos gmt. Hard to find a good white dial diver.