The art of watchmaking began over 200 years ago in the gently rolling hills of the Swiss Jura between Geneva and Basel. It started out as an occupation with which to fill the long winter months and boost modest farming incomes. For some of the inhabitants of the Jura, however, this challenging art became a real passion. This was certainly true for the Hasler family, the founding fathers of the DAVOSA brand.


The DAVOSA star is actually a stylized compass rose, a historical nautical symbol that protects the bearer and ensures that he or she follows the right path to return home without harm; for DAVOSA, a symbol of arriving safely where you want to go or achieving what you have planned, regardless of adversity and obstacles. Compass rose as a symbol for water sports, for resilience, for dependability, for an adventurous spirit.


Abel Frédéric Hasler makes silver watchcases in small series by hand. Two of his brothers establish a watch factory in Geneva, another brother sets up a business in Biel. Six sons learn the art of watchmaking, among them Paul Hasler.

1883 - 1977

Paul Hasler is already fascinated by watches as a child. As an adult, he sets up his own watchmaking company.


The one-man company Paul Hasler Terminages d'Horlogerie specialises in watch assembly for well-known watch brands.


The company changes its name to Hasler & Co. S.A.




The production of mechanical watches is expanded to include quartz watches. Models are adapted to market requirements.




The demand for mechanical watches, including those with special complications, increases towards the end of the 1980s. The company creates a small collection under the name of DAVOSA, which features chronographs with Valjoux 7750 and 7751 movements as well as other specialities like power reserve and regulators. DAVOSA is well received by retailers, customers and the press, and the collection is continually expanded from then on.




Customer ideas flow into the production process. Ever more sophisticated DAVOSA watches are developed, some in reserved and limited series in steel, metal alloys and precious metals. The DAVOSA brand now has a large and discerning customer base and supplies its watches to many countries.




DAVOSA presents its collection at the world’s leading watch trade fair in Basel for the first time.