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All of our watches are made in Switzerland (Swiss-Made).

We do not have physical stores or any showrooms since our business operations are purely online at the moment. We are, however, testing the option of working with a few physical stores in different locations, so if you are a brick-and-mortar retailer and interested in offering Davosa watches, please feel free to register on our retailers’ page:


Yes, we do!
We offer a 10% discount for all our public security service officers.
Please send your certificate (or any other document) that affirms your security service credentials to and we will offer you a special discount.

Yes, you can!
For wire transfers the bank details are:
Account Name: AYSCO LLC
Bank: Bank of America
Account: 898096147833
Routing: 063100277
Please provide us (via with a transfer-proof once it has been completed.

We can not confirm yet when a specific, out-of-stock model would become available again. Nonetheless, we are usually able to make a Special Order of that model for you.
Please note that while for Special Orders the shipping may take a bit longer, there won't be any extra charges and it still comes with a 2-year warranty!

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Yes, we do! Please take a look at the variety of Davosa’s ladies models here and tell us (via the watch you are interested in.


Our movements are based on ETA (2824) or Selita (SW 200) movements on which we make a few modifications and improvements from their standard configuration.
You can find the movement used in your specific model on your delivery note/invoice, the label on the watch as well as the back number of the watch (i.e. XXXX-200 or XXXX-2824).

Our stainless steel bracelets use screw-down links.

Our Divers and most of our automatic watches have a screw-down crown, while our quartz watches use either a screw-down or a push/pull crown.

In most of our models and under optimal conditions, the power reserve is around 38-42 hours.

Yes, as long as the product is in its original condition, all of our models can safely be worn while swimming.

This Swiss Automatic watch is made of stainless steel 316L (surgical/marine-grade).

The maximum wrist size is 20.5 cm (8.07 inches), but additional links are available. In order to make the bracelet smaller, you can always take a few links off.

Most of our movements use 25/26 jewels as per standard ETA 2824 or Sellita SW200 configurations.

It’s a glossy ceramic bezel, well polished and very beautiful.

Please see the attached GMT manual on how to operate your watch’s GMT function. ATTACHED

LoSure! Please contact us at and we’ll gladly help. Also, you can always download a digital copy of our Original Davosa Manual: ATTACHED


Like any fine luxury watch, your Davosa watch should be inspected, cleaned, and re-lubricated every 3-5 years by a professional watchmaker.

If your Davosa watch is eligible for our warranty policy, please contact with the issue description so we can provide you a service ID number. Then please fill the "Repair Document" before shipping the watch to our service center.
If you wish to confirm whether your watch fulfills the warranty conditions, in order to ensure the service is covered by our warranty policy, please read the warranty disclaimer in section 13 here before sending the watch to our service center.

Please register your Davosa watch by filling out the form


Yes, we do!
Shipping may take a bit longer due to customs processes but, usually, it only takes an extra 2-3 days.

Special orders are orders that are directly shipped from our EU factory - meaning they might take a bit longer than standard orders.
However, the items are from our freshest stock, shipping is still free, a 2-year warranty is included, and there are zero extra charges as usual :)

Yes, we can offer you a special color combo from our existing options, e.g. black Davosa Ternos 16155550 with a green ceramic bezel like the 16155570 model. However, we do not offer special colors or engraving, and nor do we install any non-original Davosa parts in our products.

We use several fulfillment centers.
Usually, our watches are shipped from Europe to our USA warehouse, and then to the customer. Sometimes, on Special Orders, Outlet items, or Limited Edition models, we use external inventories, but we still fulfill all of our original commitments as with regular purchases i.e. free shipping, a 2-year warranty, and zero extra charges.