Original DAVOSA watches should only be purchased from our exclusive sales partners and specialist retailers.

Warranty & repair

Every new DAVOSA timepiece comes with an automatic two-year guarantee.
The warranty period of a used DAVOSA timepiece is limited to 3 months only.
In the unlikely event of a production defect appearing in the first two years, you can give your watch to a local DAVOSA concessionary or send it to the DAVOSA main service centre to be repaired.

Please contact us if you require further help.


A DAVOSA watch should be treated with care and sent for revision (reconditioning) every three to five years, depending on the calibre, climatic conditions and the type of use to which it is subjected. Revision includes taking apart the clockwork in its entirety, chemically cleaning the individual parts, reassembling the watch and finally lubricating it. Any defects are eliminated and worn-out parts are exchanged. Every DAVOSA watch is then subjected to a series of tests after servicing.

You are welcome to contact your local DAVOSA dealer for a service inspection. Alternatively, you can send your watch directly to our main service centre. Before we carry out any work, we will provide you with a cost estimate for the necessary repairs. You are then free to decide what you would like to have done.

Shipping instructions

Please note down important details about your watch, such as its reference number, the date of purchase and the engraved number on the case back. Please also provide your full name, address, country of residence, telephone number, email address, as well as the reason why you are sending your watch to be repaired.

If your watch is still under guarantee, you must also enclose your certificate of guarantee and your purchase receipt.

In case of return of a new item, please follow the instructions in the button below and make sure you have a Return ID number.

Please use suitable packaging that ensures your watch is protected during transport.

Ensure that you send the package by registered delivery.

Product liability notice:
DAVOSA disclaims any relationship to or responsibility for any timepiece or other item bearing the DAVOSA name, brand, logo or symbol that is offered for sale by parties that are not an official DAVOSA retailer. Purchasing such an item from an unauthorised party therefore takes place at the buyer’s sole risk, particularly in the case of counterfeit and in the case of products purchased via the internet. No explicit or implicit warranty or servicing or any other obligation shall ensue for DAVOSA or for any of its authorised representatives for products sold by unauthorised parties and not accompanied by a duly stamped DAVOSA international warranty certificate. For the above reasons and in your own interest, please ensure you only acquire genuine DAVOSA watches that are exclusively available from legitimate official DAVOSA retailers.