Ternos Professional Auto Megalume Black DLC Diving Watch 16158310 Limited Edition



Unparalleled luminosity with the best luminous colours currently available Super-LumiNova® C3 and BGW9 - limited to 500 pieces!

Twice the luminosity: DAVOSA uses the Super-LumiNova® C3 luminous paint over the entire surface of the dial. During the day, the warm beige tone is reminiscent of the fine-grained sand of beloved diving destinations. In the dark, the ultra-phosphorescent green light, which is clearly distinguishable from the numerals, hands and the luminous dot on the bezel, unfolds after being charged accordingly. These elements emit a cool blue light due to the filling with Super-LumiNova® BGW9.

For what is full-dial lume for?

A full-dial lume watch, also known as a "lumed dial" or "luminous dial" watch, is important because it allows the wearer to read the time in low-light or dark environments.
The lume material used on the watch dial absorbs light energy during the day and then emits it at night, creating a glowing effect that makes the watch easy to read.

This feature can be particularly important for people who work in low-light conditions, such as pilots, divers, or emergency responders, as well as for anyone who wants to be able to read the time in the dark without having to turn on a light.
It can also be a useful feature for outdoor enthusiasts who need to navigate in low-light conditions, such as hikers or campers.

Additionally, a full-dial lume watch can add a unique and eye-catching aesthetic to the watch, as the glowing effect can create a striking visual display that can be appreciated in all lighting conditions.

Sizing & Fit

Thickness: 15.5 mm
Width: 42 mm
Lug size: 22 mm

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For optimal brightness, the dial is entirely coated with SuperLumiNova® C3 luminous paint. By day, its warm beige hue evokes memories of the soft sands at favorite diving spots. In darkness, once adequately charged, it radiates an intense phosphorescent green light. This contrasts clearly from the numerals, hands, and the glowing dot on the bezel, which all shine with a cool blue glow due to the SuperLumiNova® BGW9 infusion.


The limited edition, comprising 500 pieces, is distinctly marked on the watch's reverse side. Each piece has its unique number etched amongst a backdrop of stylized carbon fiber designs, a detail mirrored in the accompanying limitation certificate. The ensemble is rounded off with a finely polished wooden box.


The rubber strap, specially crafted for the Ternos Professional, epitomizes quality and endurance. Constructed from top-grade rubber, it's celebrated for its flexibility, resilience, and lasting nature.

DAV 3021 Caliber

All Davosa Ternos Sixties automatic editions mount the precise automatic caliber DAV 3021, derived from the Sellita SW200, an industry-standard, robust movement beating at 28,800 BPH which gives the watch a 42-hour power reserve.